How You Can Earn Rewards for

1,000s of Prayers

Even if you pray just 5 times a day!

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Did you know you could even be rewarded for deeds you never did?

Abu Mas’ud reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him,
“Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it!”

Isn’t that incredible?

So what happens when you support

By Building an Islamic Community Center

You’re not empowering
person to do
deed anymore…

You’re empowering 1000s of Muslims to do COUNTLESS good deeds on a DAILY BASIS

You'll have the deeds of an entire community waiting for you!

That means on the Day of Judgement you won’t just have YOUR deeds on your scale…

All because you

Just imagine the
potential of how much reward you would earn:

5 Times daily prayers, Sunnahs, Taraweeh, Quran recitation and Lectures

An entire community seeking knowledge.

Parents have a chance to use the Masjid’s services, relieved to know their children are safe and engaged in fun, educational activities.

Encourages collaboration between Muslims to do goods for their society while providing for their families.

Colleagues working in an environment that promotes authentic Islamic values, including a dedicated prayer space.

An entire community practicing the sunnah of swimming while never compromising the value of Hayaa’ (modesty).

Private facilities each for men & women; helping hundreds to stay healthy and take care of their bodies which were entrusted to them by Allah.

A gymnasium where kids & adults alike will bond and play with their community.

Spending quality time with the people, networking, and eating good Halal food, where revenues are reinvested into mosque expenses.

Children learning their religion, and teachers spreading the beautiful and practical teachings of Allah and His Messenger (SAW)

Thousands of Muslims in Canada's Largest City

Are Praying For a Center Like This

The People Benefitting From Your Support


craving a community centre and gym that welcomes them and accommodates their individual, cultural and family values.


who need activities, leadership opportunities, Islamic education, and a vibrant community around them in order to maintain their identity and carry our religion to the next generation.


who are often extremely isolated and facing challenging situations due to accepting a religion that is new to them, and needing the spiritual and moral support that a thriving community provides.


that want to play, learn, and grow together but have nowhere that accommodates the entire family.


at various stages in their relationship with Allah who want to visit His home, seeking peace, assistance, acceptance, counseling, or any other of the many blessings Allah provides through His masjids.

As you know,

knowledge that you facilitated and a masjid you supported are two actions that will continue to fill chapters in your book of good deeds... even after you depart this world to the next one!

Let’s Evolve Together

We came together to serve the community in a way that grows and evolves with its community.

We need to change the definition of a masjid from a place that only a few go to pray, and is unwelcoming to many demographics, to one that encompasses the true definition of community. Where EVERYONE is welcome and all needs are met!

We must have a safe space for community members to do what they love, and be able to easily integrate some of the many aspects of our religion into their lives at the same time.

We need a space that everyone feels safe to be Muslim.

Our team has a combined 100+ years of community leadership experience, an open mind. and a recognition that everyone comes from a different background and that every individual matters.

This project is a massive undertaking and we don’t want ANY of our hard work or the valuable support of our donors to go to waste. The project will not sit dormant for any part of the day or week. At any given time or day, the centre's varied facilities will be used in one way or another.

Why Generous Donors Like You  Supported Us

“For Allah's pleasure and unlimited rewards.”

“Lived and grew up in Mississauga”

“In the name of Allah to help spread kindness and love”

“To help build the centre and for the sake of Allah”

“I respect Sh. Ibrahim and trust the organization that he is leading to deliver this worthy initiative”

“To garner Allah’s Blessings”

“Very supportive of the community center!!!”

“I love to build a mosque for the people”

“I need to build up our muslim community”

“Earning rewards for paradise”

“ It's Friday! & preparation for the akhirah”

“Just for others to pray in the masjid and to get small rewards”

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